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This includes interior total and sub-concepts. Risør develops the concept, produces (locally), assembles and delivers. In short, we take the project management out of our hands.
Risor People

Risør People

Through Risør People, we can take care of your manpower and servicing. This includes furnishing, assembly and project management.

Risør Aftercare

This includes repair, replacement and interior modifications. This can be done by Risør in addition to your project, but also separately.

RISØR FURNITURE provides total design for the hotel and project market, both for smaller and large projects. You can come to us for the full furnishings, from chairs and tables to beds, lamps and accessories, in different styles and price ranges.

Once you have made your choice from our range, we take care of assembly, storage, transport and installation on site. Our in-house interior designer can help you put together your package. So you make one order through one batch and everything is arranged for you down to the last detail. Result: your project turn key (key ready) delivered.

You are in contact with one project leader and can rely on clear planning, simultaneous delivery of all parts at one time (including larger volumes) and careful assembly. To this end, we have a flexible team of expert technicians, with whom we can switch quickly.

complete interior

What do we offer?

Scalable real estate projects stand or fall with a committed team. A team that not only delivers, but also thinks along with you with interior solutions. Both in the short and long term. So that not only the entire team, but also the final visitor always feels welcome.

  • Sustainable products
  • Full furnishings on a single order
  • Carefully curated assortment
  • In-house interior designer
  • Choice of fixed packages or customization
  • Assembly, storage, transport and assembly
  • Clear planning and delivery at fixed time
  • Expert and representative assembly team
  • Fixed range
  • Custom
  • Interior design specialists
  • Concept and production
  • Storage, transport and assembly
  • Clear communication and planning
  • Expert and representative assembly team


Contemporary design of affordable quality, this is how the range of RISØR FURNITURE is characterized. You can choose from furniture in two styles: modern classic and mid-century loft. In this we distinguish two price ranges: basic and luxurious. Do you prefer a fixed package per room? We’d be happy to make you an offer.

As an indication: in price ranging from € 750 to € 4,000 per room.

Whether it’s tables, cabinets, rugs or complete box springs, all our items have been extensively tested and the collection is carefully matched. Our team of expert technicians puts everything together quickly and expertly for you. And are you missing something in our range or do you have specific wishes? Let us know, and we’ll look for you.


Would you like to know more about how we can help with your project?

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We’re thinking along. We fix. We take care of it. We host interior projects.
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